SIGSCAN: indoor positioning experts since 2018


An expert in indoor positioning since its creation in 2018, Sigscan has 10 passionate employees working daily to support the digital transformation of its customers.


Today, Sigscan is developing Sigscan Industry, a solution dedicated to the industrial sector, and Sigscan healthcare dedicated to hospitals and clinics.


SIGSCAN Industry digitizes manufacturing orders, locates tools and equipment, and manage stocks and inventories. 


SIGSCAN Healthcare, for real-time tracking of medical devices, follow-up of disoriented patients, inventory management and maintenance phases.

“The idea of indoor positioning came to us through direct contact with industrial companies. We wanted to create a complete, modular solution to meet the needs of all companies, from SMEs to major corporations. 

What counts for us is the value we can create for our customers, and above all the response to their need for performance.”

Fabien Marotte
Founder of SIGSCAN



SIGSCAN is the association of 3 profiles who, thanks to their complementary knowledge and field vision, offer industry professionals a solution tailored to their needs. 



Fabien has 15 years’ experience in software development and has held various positions of responsibility for major US groups such as Texas Instruments and Intel Corporation.


Operations Manager

Malvina studied Mechanical and Production Engineering. She held various positions as a draughtwoman and then project manager, notably with the ABB group. On the strenght of this industrial experience, she will be joining the Sigscan Team in 2021 to manage field deployments.


Business Engineer

After 5 years in the army, as a non-commissioned officer in a parachute unit, Jean-Charles decided to move into the world of commerce. Driven by a passion for new technologies and innovation, he joined Sigscan team at the beginning of 2023.


Business developer

After a degree in Political Science and International Relations, and an academic exchange in Colombia, Matteo obtained a Master’s degree in “Economic Development” in his native Italy. He has been a member of the Sigscan team since 2023, where he is in charge of international exchanges with brio.

And above all a team

Salespeople and developers

SIGSCAN is a team made up of salespeople, software developers 

and systems integrators, passionate and proud to be part of the digitization 

in the industrial and healthcare sectors. 


Find out more about SIGSCAN Healthcare, our indoor positioning system dedicated to the healthcare sector. 

Our solution is also suitable for many other sectors


Food industry



Grande distribution


Bâtiment intelligent

Intelligent building

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