Optimize your production flows with real time positioning

With SIGSCAN, increase your efficiency and track your plant's productivity in real time!
gain de temps

Significant time savings

gestion des flux

Better production flow management

mutualisation des informations

Sharing information

détection des anomalies

Anticipating and detecting anomalies

If you are one of those who...

Are looking for their production manufacturing orders Want to digitalize their manufacturing orders Wish to detect production delays

SIGSCAN is the solution for you!

Gain in reactivity, efficiency and traceability thanks to our functionalities developed specifically for the manufacturing industry!


Digitalize your manufacturing orders

Don't waste any more time on your production orders! Go digital in-house.
  • Eliminate paper sheets.
  • Centralize all your work orders data in a single solution.
  • Easily access your work orders from mobile terminals.

Track your production real time

Real-time production monitoring is a major focus in the industrial sector. Take the plunge with SIGSCAN!

Suivi de la production en temps réel

Automatically locate your production

After associating a production order with a tag, Sigscan automatically locates your production.
gain de temps

Follow your manufacturing orders at any time

View all your work orders data from a smartphone or PC.

Visualize the position of your work-in-progress in real time

Thanks to an interactive map, you can visualize your buildings, see the position of each of your WIP and track their movements in real time.

Anticipate and detect production delays

Perfect your production chain by anticipating changes in position or priorities.

Be alerted and notified about prodution delays

Set your alert criteria and be notified by e-mail or directly on Sigscan as soon as one of your parts changes status.

Ensure tools conformity real time

Keep track of your tool manufacturing deadlines and priorities in real time.
anticipation des retards de production

Analyze and optimize your production flows

Opting for the connected solution means optimizing your time and ensuring more efficient production.

Customize your dashboard

Define the indicators you want to track and place them on a customized dashboard.

Easily analyze your production flows with our dashboard

With the Sigscan solution, export your location history to improve your production flow (manage unforeseen movements, analyze time spent at bottlenecks etc...)

Centralize all your data in our ERP

Optimize your work processes through efficient information flow.

Centralize your data on a dedicated platform

Sigscan connects to your ERP to consolidate and secure your data

Reliable data quality

All your company's users have access to the same unified, centralized information.
anticipation des retards de production

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