Accurately locate your tools and assets

Reduce your costs with Sigscan, the tool fleet management solution. Ensure accurate tracking and better organization of your tools and equipment.
parc d'outils optimisés

An optimized tool parc

une localisation rapide des outils

Quick tool location

une centralisation des données de vos outils

Data centralization

un contrôle de la conformité en continu

Continuous quality monitoring

If you're one of those people who...

Want to find their tools quickly Want to make purchases more cost-effective Want to monitor maintenance management Would like to set up a tool reservation system

SIGSCAN is the solution for you!

Gain in responsiveness, efficiency, reliability and traceability thanks to our functionalities developed specifically for industry.

suivi des assets en temps réels

Visualize the position of your tools

Save research time with Sigscan, the solution that lets you track your tools in real time and share them between departments, zones and workshops
  • Save time and find your tools easily by associating tags to all your equipment.
  • View your tools on an interactive map and track changes in position live on the SIGSCAN interface
  • Make the most of tool utilization rates thanks to the equipment reservation and inter-departmental pooling functions.

Allocate and reserve your tools

Get an overview of your equipment usage with an easy-to-use reservation management system.

Affectation des outils
reservation matériel

Reserve your equipment

In just a few clicks, reserve equipment from an availability schedule updated in real time.
assignation materiel

Assign your equipment

Know who's using your equipment in real time! Assign it to a field technician easily.

Define your request

Centralize the management of your equipment and automate the tracking of reservations, while ensuring the security of borrowing procedures.

Centralize your data and maintain your tools

Get better tool management with our smart, connected solution.

Consolidate all your data in a single digital database

Concentrate all your tool data in Sigscan, so you can keep track of everything (serial number, calibration date, manufacturer, renewal date, etc...)

Manage your tool park

Book and track your requests and set calibration parameters for your equipment.

Configure different types of alerts that you can receive by email

Be alerted automatically! Sigscan will notify you in real time of any maintenance work to be carried out or equipment to be replaced.

regroupement des données

Optimize your tool utilization rate 

With better visibility, you can make the most of your equipment.

Trace tool use history

With tags attached to each piece of equipment, you can easily trace the movement history of all tools and tooling.

Maximize the utilization rate of your tool park

Use Sigscan to measure the utilization rate of your tool park. Get statistics and utilization rates for each tool, enabling you to optimize the sizing of your tool park.
optimiser le taux d'utilisation des outils

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«Since its installation, the Sigscan solution has enabled us to significantly reduce our search time, with a definite gain in traceability. » Joel Bedou Innovation Director at ACTIA Group

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