Optimization of your inventory

Get better inventory and stock management with our data centralization system
des inventaires instantanés

Instant inventories

une optimisation de vos stocks

Optimize your inventory

Une conformité assurée de vos produits en stock

Assured conformity of your products in stock

controle permanent

Continuous flow control

If you are one of those who...

Want to save time on inventories Want to monitor product conformity Want to anticipate the expiry of consumables

SIGSCAN is the solution for you!

Gain in responsiveness efficiency, reliability and traceability thanks to our functionalities developed specifically for industry.

automatisation des inventaires

Connect your inventories with RFID and Bluetooth technology

Chose intelligent inventory management for fast, reliable inventories
  • Make sure you have up-to-date quantities Sigscan provides available quantities for each warehouse location.
  • Prevent stock-outs! Be alerted when low-stock level are reached.
  • Reduce your wastage rates with precise monitoring of use-by-dates.
  • Find out why, when and by whom your stocks are consumed.

Be alerted when use-by-dates approach 

Reduce your consumable losses with an intelligent use-by alert system.

Alerte de date limite
centralisation des données

Centralize your product data

Enter all the characteristics of your products to manage your production more effectively (use-by date, opening date, etc...)
suivi dans le temps

Carefully monitor use-by dates

be alerted when use-by dates are approaching or when your products are left open too long.
gain de production

Control the follow-up of shelf life

Digital date tracking facilitates marking and enables optimal management of product shelf life.

Analyze and track your inventory in real time

Equip yourself with a high-performance management solution tailored to your organization.

Analyze inventory trends

Use Real-Time Positioning to monitor your stock levels. Receive alerts on stock-outs and the number of unused products.

Measure zone occupancy rates

Analyze or export historical quantities of your products and zones to optimize your stocks.
analyse en temps réel

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