SIGSCAN features

Find out how Sigscan can improve your factory performance. 


Real-time positioning

Track your production anywhere, anytime

Suivi des objets

Track all the movements

The Sigscan solution gives you access to the history of positions and time spent per area for each one of your tracked assets.
gain de temps

Save time

Don't waste time searching for your assets. After associating a tool with a tag, Sigscan automatically locates it real time.

More efficient use

Thanks to RTLS, you can better monitor the use of your tools in your factory. A better use of your assets allows you to increase your ROI on them. 

Manufacturing order’s digitalization

Optimize your production flow

supervision en temps réel

Your digitized data in the field

Thanks to our electronic displays, you can analyze and track key OF information in the field.
suivi des défauts

View changes

The tag changes color to indicate any change in status.
centralisation des documents

Always up-to-date information

Access to information and data updates is automated in real time. 

Alerts and notifications

Be notified in real time

Alertes et notifications
suivi déplacement et outil

Track every move of your tools

Receive SMS or e-mail notifications when your tools are moved. 
détection retards

Detect production delays

Use our notification system to track manufacturing priorities and optimize your production flows.

Ensure compliance of your materials and consumables

Be alerted when use-by dates are approaching, or when your products are left open too long. 

View your data in custom dashboards

suivi des assets sur un tableau de bord
  • Access the information in any devices, wherever you are.
  • Manage delays, emergencies and assets searches.
  • Organize your dashboard for a better overview of your activity.
Stocks and inventories

Automate your inventories

    • Associate our tags with your assets and make fast inventories
    • Track stock levels in real time from the application
Mobile interface

An application designed for technicians on the field


Instant scan

Easily associate and disassociate a tag and an asset.

Search in the last meters

Find objects in a nearby area. 
accès données

Data access

Scan display tags to access important data.

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